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Edward has been very helpful through the entire recruitment process. He has been very understanding and motivating. He has always checked up on me offering advice and support for all the stages from the first interview till handing in the notice. Edward is the best recruiter I have worked with not only because of his professionalism also because of his enthusiasm and positivity. It has been a great pleasure to have this journey of new employment with him. Many thanks to him I now have the job that I have always dreamt of 😃.

Backend Software Engineer

Working with Ed has been nothing short of an exceptional experience. From the very start he was understanding of my skills, and requirements for a remote role. He was highly supportive and supplied feedback quickly, guiding me through the hiring process with lots of helpful information. He really helped me land such an amazing role, which I could not be more thankful for. Highly recommend Ed!

Lesley Somerville
Software Engineering

I'm exceptionally happy that Ed reached out to me. He's always been easy and professional to deal with, explained the role to me thoroughly, and we worked together to ensure that my experience was a good match and that this was well communicated to his client. He checked in before interviews, quickly gave thorough feedback after them, and worked to ensure that any potential roadblocks or questions were dealt with. I'd highly recommend working with him and am glad that I did!

VP of Engineering

I’m really glad to have been approached by Ed who played a pivotal role in securing a new role. He made sure both myself and the company were aligned on expectations for the role and package, provided all necessary info and tips ahead of interviews, and was incredibly good at ensuring quick and productive feedback. I’d definitely recommend Ed to anyone looking for a new role (and already have!).

Elliot Perks
Product Manager

I could tell that Ed was highly involved in the process from the very beginning, showing tremendous thoughtfulness and empathy that very few other recruiters have the capacity to give. As a result, the job he suggested sparked great enthusiasm in me and helped me find the strength to successfully go through the recruitment process and confirm how well matched the position suggested by Ed was for my skills. Ed gave advice and reassurance on every step of the way, providing useful context about the company and the role that helped to adequately prepare for the interviews. Ed was also sharing feedback very promptly, bringing the agonising waiting time between interviews to a minimum. Couldn't have asked for a better recruiter at my side!

Senior Data Scientist

I am grateful to Ed for all his help and hard work in helping me secure a great new role. From our first conversation I was impressed with the time and effort he invested in getting to know me and my career ambitions and he presented a role and team culture that was a fantastic fit.
Furthermore, throughout the process, Ed was very generous with his advice and was always prompt in keeping me in the loop as I was progressed through the interview stages. I really couldn’t have asked for any more from a recruiter and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new job

Product Manager

Edward was able to see my Linkedin profile and straight away offer me a position that was literally in line to what I was looking for. During the whole process he was very communicative and helpful and I could not recommend him highly enough.

Lead Data Scientist

My experience with Edward has been nothing short of exceptional. Not only did he contact me with an offer perfectly matched for my skills and experience, he also fully explained the company’s processes, guided me through the whole recruitment process and made sure everything went smoothly right until the successful hire.

Lead iOS Engineer

Ed was brilliant through the recruitment process. He matched my profile to a job which was a great fit for my skillset, and was able to thoroughly explain each stage of the entire application process, allowing me to prepare efficiently, and ultimately successfully. I would highly recommend Ed to anyone else interested in a data science/engineering role

Data Scientist

Ed was great from start to finish. The job spec he brought to me was a perfect fit and he guided me along the way with a great deal of support and encouragement. He was always very responsive when I reached out and helped smooth out the process as I moved through it. Would highly recommend!

Lead Engineer

Edward was spectacular with providing me info in order to prep for my interviews, supportive and also very responsive! I enjoyed working with him and would refer any developer in a heartbeat!

Software Engineer

Edward is a fantastic recruiter, he's a hard worker, amicable and empathetic - which are excellent traits to have as a recruiter. He helped me find my first role in London after spending a few years in South America working for Salesforce. He was there to help every step of the way and was a huge help, not only in finding my job but also helping me with relocation advise moving to London. It was the full service and we have stayed In touch since too. I highly recommend him to any person looking for a new job.

Full Stack Software Engineer

Ed is a trustworthy, professional recruiter with a good knowledge of Silicon Valley companies here in London. I was interviewing for several companies and Ed was invaluable to me during the interview process and the compensation negotiation. He kept me well informed, he pushed the companies to schedule interviews and provide feedback quicker, he can also take lots of credit for negotiating a compensation package which was well above average and both the company and me were happy with.

Senior Software Engineer

After a significant change in my life, when I had to look for a fully remote role I was very glad to meet Ed. Initially, we have talked so he understands my context and my requirements and then he suggested several roles relevant to my interests. By facilitating meetings, offering me feedback on my performance during the interviews, he helped me to secure a role with the desired opportunities.

Senior Software Engineer

Working with Ed over the past few weeks has been an absolute pleasure. The job he found me was almost too good to be true, an actual perfect fit if there ever is such a thing.

He helped me throughout the interview process, was super helpful and gave me some great actionable advice. He was always available at the other end of the line when I needed to talk things through.

I’m looking forward to working with Ed once again when it’s my turn to do the hiring.

UX Director

Ed is a great recruiter! He is very positive and transparent. He is putting himself in the candidate shoes and provided me great advice before interviews. Also, I really appreciated his responsiveness during the entire process and help during salary negotiation.

Senior Software Engineer

Edward was incredibly proactive from the moment we met. He was always making sure I was comfortable with the process and my expectations were being met. It was easily one of the best job hunting experiences I had

Senior Software Engineer

Ed has been really great to work with. He understood my technical skills and my requirement for remote working to find great and relevant opportunities. He supported me through the interview process with helpful feedback, was always responsive and great at chasing up my questions. After landing my new very exciting role, I would highly recommend working with Ed!

Senior Software Engineer

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